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Brandon Sullivan

Born in Nampa, ID

Lives & works in Boise, ID


Creating forward thinking and meaningful forms of entertainment is my passion. I have developed projects across a variety of genres and gameplay styles, all with presentation and compelling game loops taking precedent. Writing and production in television has also helped expand my perspective and mindfulness when approaching game production. I am a passionate gamer, storyteller, as well as a huge fan of movies, music and am always looking to find inspiration in the world around me. 



2019-2022 Boise State University - B.S. Games, Interactive Media, Mobile


Grants & Awards 

Idaho Pell Grant - Boise State

Idaho Trust Scholarship

Boise State Deans List (multiple-time recipient)


Exhibitions & Festivals

HMTK Summer Game Jam - 2020

Terminus Film Festival - 2018

i48 Film Festival 2013

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